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It's a tough time to hire a Financial Professional. And a great time to be one...

Our Expertise

By Function
CFO, Controller, Manager, Senior and Staff levels in Accounting, Finance, Audit and Tax
By Geography
Our client focus is on the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, San Jose and Marin counties; we source candidates both locally and nationwide
By Industry
Industry experience includes manufacturing, food & beverage, nonprofit, high tech, retail, financial services and professional services
By Company Size
Our “sweet spot” is growing privately held and venture-backed companies, including those seeking their first full-time financial manager; we also work with larger companies looking to hire at the middle manager and staff levels. We work with and offer a discount to nonprofit organizations.

A successful hiring match fits on both sides. At FinanceStaff, we partner with clients and candidates to understand not only what is needed for success in the role, but also how the culture and mission of the Company complement the career goals and expectations of the Financial professional. We’re making matches for the long haul!

  • Hiring Managers
    Having a tough time communicating what you need? Interviewing too many candidates not right for your position? Being second-guessed by your boss or peers, just when you thought you had found the perfect candidate? Our Focused Recruiting℠ process is a cost-effective way to get everyone on the same page and get the detail work off your plate!
  • Human Resources
    Focused Recruiting℠ addresses the specific areas where you need recruiting support, at a price commensurate with the value received. We’ve aligned our goal with yours: to hire the best person for the role, regardless of the original source of the resume, and deploy resources as efficiently as possible throughout the process.
  • Financial Professionals
    Hiring isn’t just about landing a job. It’s about making the right next career move, and experiencing continued success and professional growth as a result. If you looking to make your next career change, our Focused Recruiting℠ approach helps ensure the right match in terms of your personal and professional objectives.